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The education programmes of INATE are developed under University Network for Climate and Ecosystems Adaptation Reseaerch (UNCECAR). UNCECAR develops postgraduate courses and training on climate and ecosystems change, and sustainability science to provide the foundations for developing future global leaders with the necessary breadth of understanding of the challenges and solutions to global change, and with a commitment to mainstreaming global change into decision and policy making in all sectors of our societies and economies. Such leaders will be committed to increasing the adaptive capacity and resilience to global change of the most vulnerable countries, regions, economic sectors and social groups. All programmes are unique with guest lecturers from over 20 leading international institutions and agencies sharing their expertise. Our current programmes are as follows.


Building Resilience to Climate Change (BRCC) - I

Building Resilience to Climate Change (BRCC) - II

Leadership for Sustainability course

Renewable Energy

Course Delivery

The courses are delivered either at UNU HQ in Tokyo or in one of the partner institutions. 

BRCC courses have been delivered 3 times as class room courses and as a blended mode course in 2014 with 4 institutions connected via video conference mode. For the first time the Builidng Resilience to CLimate Chnage (BRCC) courses were offered simultaneously at 4 institutions:  UNU-IAS at Tokyo, Japan, UKM at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, UGM at Yogyakarta, Indonesia and IIT, Bubaneswar in India in October, in 2014.  The courses were delivered in a novel format with Online DVD based pre-course delivery and a Class Room + Video Conferencing Hybrid Model.

In 2015 July the courses were delivered at the University of Tokyo (Japan), UKM at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chulalongkorn at Bangkok, Thailand and Viet Nam National University, Hanoi, Viet Nam.


Real time rainfall and flood foreasting

Climate projections downscaling and applications

Programmes Under Development