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Hani Field Work

This section contains details regarding the field visits made between 2011 and 2015

July 2011: Five participants from UNU, one from Philippines and 4 from China participated the field survey, which was conducted for site selection. This was done based on previous observation data and results. Field surveys were conducted, guided by the Forest Bureau of Yuanyang County and the local forest ranger. Four sites were selected for initial observation. Subsequent visits were conducted by the partner institutions in 2012 to install an auto weather station, water weir and water meters. 

March 2013: A workshop was held along with field trip to the project study site. The workshop objectives were focused on reviewing the findings of the hydrological measurements and propose a model to analyse the changes in the current and future water cycle. Field work was conducted to calibrate hydrological model and project progress was reviewed. Questionnaire surveys were conducted in the hamlets located in the selected sites. 

March 2014: Field visit organised to the study sites for conducting questionnaire surveys regarding the overall development in the area and the impacts of tourism on the same. People's perceptions regarding resource management were gauged, and data collection was done for auxiliary studies on the soil. A field study report was compiled by the participants

January 2015: Field visit conducted to the study site for data collection and for conducting a social survey for assessing the water security in the upstream and downstream reaches of the terrace system. 

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