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CAS Collaboration

This section describes collaboration with CAS, Urumqi on Sustainable Water Resources Utilization in Dry Zone. Initially some papers describing different resaearch areas of Prof. Srikantha Herath is given here. 

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The education programmes of INATE are developed under University Network for Climate and Ecosystems Adaptation Reseaerch (UNCECAR). UNCECAR develops postgraduate courses and training on climate and ecosystems change, and sustainability science to provide the foundations for developing future global leaders with the necessary breadth of understanding of the challenges and solutions to global change, and with a commitment to mainstreaming global change into decision and policy making in all sectors of our societies and economies.

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Hani Terrace Study

This section describes the research conducted for ensuring water security in the Hani Rice Terraces. The aim of the research was to a) Understand the water system in the area and its role in the terrace system b) Develop a process set for modeling a complex hydrological system with different landscape elements c) Assess the balance between water demand and availability using tools like the water scarcity index under present and future climate conditions d) study and propose institutional and governance interventions alongwith structural interventions for effective water management in the area

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Ifugao Terrace Study

This section describes the studies carried out at the Ifugao rice terraces. The overall focus is the sustainability of the systems from environmental, social and economic perspectives. Thress specific research topics (a) The stability of slopes under present and future rain conditions (b) Potential for Muyong Rice Terraces to be placed under REDD+ programme and (c) Localise weather monitoring and forecasting are described here.

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Description of the Project:

Improve water resources to enhance the livelihoods of the farmers of North Central Province of Sri Lanka through, ground water recharge supported by a Mosaic of Ancient and Modertn Irrigation reservours operated by anticipatory water resources management based on numerical weather forecasts. 


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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy courses were developed under the UNCECAR frameework with the following background

  1. UNCECAR Conference on Renewable Energy in Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Initial course draft at the UNCECAR strategic meeiting, Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Taskforce meetings in GMU, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  4. Course finalization and delivery at UNU
  5. Course delivery at UNU in the second year

Current status:

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Collaborative research promoting Transdisciplinary Approach is implemented from 2015 under the framework of International Network for Advancing Transdisciplinary Education established in 2015 March. Research prior to that were conducted under the University Network for Climate and Ecosystems Adaptation Research (UNCECAR) framework under the rapid onset and slow onset global change research categories. 

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Rice Terraces Project Closing Symposiums

This site documents the final proejct closing workshop organized in Manila to discuss out comes and build a learning alaince between the two Unesco Cultural Heritage Systems of Ifugao and Hani rice terraces.  

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Sustainability of Rice Terrace Systems

The project sustainability of rice terrace systems address the sustainability of traditional rice terrace systems in Asia with research conducted on the Ifugao rice terrace system in the Philippines and the Hani rice terrace system in China as case studies. 

The project is funded by the Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research.

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International Network for Transdisciplinary Education

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