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Introduction to Rice Terrace Systems

Ifugao Rice Terraces in the Philippines and the Hani Rice Terraces in China are both recognized as cultural heritage sites by UNESCO. They both face similar challenges in preserving tangible and intangible heritage in under rapid global changes taking place. 

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Ifugao Terrace Study

Posted by srikantha on October 6, 2015  

The Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 in recognition of its Outstanding Universal Value based on its sustainability, communal management, and its testimony to the harmonious relationship between people and their environment. The inscription includes five terrace clusters which can be found in four municipalities of Ifugao province: Banaue, Kiangan, Hungduan, and Mayoyao. The Ifugao Rice Terraces are world-famous and stand out from similar terraced landscapes because they are at higher altitudes (1,600 m) and steeper slopes....

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Hani Rice Terraces in China

Posted by srikantha on October 5, 2015  
The Hani Rice Terraces are located in the Honghe prefecture, Yuanyang county of the Yunnan province in south-western China. Marked by high mountains and deep valleys, this system includes the terrace area designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. This region is home to six main ethnic groups, including the Hani, who are known for their rich traditional ecological knowledge and resource management principles.

The effects of changes in climate are being felt worldwide, and current global projections indicate increase in rainfall intensities and duration of droughts....

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